Test Automation

Test Automation sounds great, but it is quite difficult to achieve.
With Applause, you get access to a global community of top notch automation experts.

Applause can quickly build teams of engineers and scale it up and down when needed.
Within 6 weeks, you get a running automation suite. The team integrates with an existing or sets up a new CI server, connects it to a device cloud, develops automated scripts and even gives you a dashboard to keep track of results – in a simple way.

Each month Applause writes, runs and maintains millions of scripts for companies like Mastercard, Audi or Holidaycheck. Startups and enterprises all over the world get automation done with Applause.


Animation Studio: MOIN MOTION
Storyboard: Caspar Domizlaff
Art Direction: Axel Rudolph
Motion Design & Animation: Axel Rudolph, Julian Soost, Martin Speidel
Recording & Sound Design: Die Stube