In-The-Wild Digital Testing

Over 3,000 companies like Google, Snapchat and Slack rely on Applause when it comes to testing their apps, websites, and connected devices.

Because with IN-THE-WILD testing from Applause, companies have access to hundreds of thousands of testers and more than half a million Android and iOS devices.

This way, apps, websites, and connected devices can be tested by real users in real environments and under real market conditions.

At all times, within just a couple of hours. In over 190 countries. And on any required device.


Client: Applause GmbH
Animation Studio: MOIN MOTION
Copywriters: Caspar Domizlaff, Kyra Nenz
Art Direction: Axel Rudolph, Julian Soost
Motion Design & Animation: Axel Rudolph, Julian Soost, Philipp Oertel,
Martin Speidel, Johanna Viellehner, Manuel Micheler
Recording & Sound Design: Die Stube