FERCHAU Engineering

Industry 4.0

To further strenghten FERCHAU Engineerings position as an expert on the subject of “Industry 4.0”, we have produced a number of short videos in which we let the brand explain a range of different areas within the 4.0-universe. For example “Manufacturing Execution”, “Internet of Everything”, “Cyber-Physical Systems” or as featured above “Mass customization”.

The entire series can be found on youtube. Currently they are only available with a German voice over.


Animation studio: MOIN MOTION
Client: FERCHAU Engineering
Concept & Storyboard: Caspar Domizlaff, Julian Soost, Philipp Oertel
Creative Director: Julian Soost
Design & Animation: Julian Soost, Axel Rudolph, Philipp Oertel, Manuel Micheler, Miran Im