Company Health Insurance

While most people of heard of terms like “company health insurance” or “employer’s pension scheme” before, many do not know what they are actually all about. SIGNAL IDUNA is dedicated to change that and asked us to make a range of videos explaining several insurance and financial products to their clients.

We thank the lead agency JANSSEN GOUTTE for entrusting us with this project.


Client: SIGNAL IDUNA Gruppe
Agency: JANSSEN GOUTTE Werbeagentur
Animation Studio: MOIN MOTION
Project Managers: Katja Schmidt, Yannik Hubert
Creative Director: Björn Ahrens
Storyboard: Benjamin Ledig, Caspar Domizlaff
Art Direction: Benjamin Ledig, Axel Rudolph, Philipp Oertel
Motion Design & Animation: Axel Rudolph, Philipp Oertel, Oleg Fatkullin
Sound Designer: Michael “Micki” Berg
Sprecher: Ole Jacobsen