Federal Election 2017

Germany’s political parties – Where do they stand? Their positions can be found in lengthy papers written by each political party. Only nobody reads them.

But the party platform, we think, is the most important thing in an election campaign. Without a party platform no substance, without substance no distinction and without distinction no real choice.

So together with the public television broadcaster ZDF we listend to what each party had to say during their 2017 campaign and summarized the most important statements using their recorded voices and visualizing them with animations.

The aim was to familiarize citizens with each party platform ahead of the upcoming 2017 Federal Election. And doing this in a way that is also appeling to young voters.

Special thanks goes to ZDF, Bernd Benthin, Carlo Kretschmar, Florian Tessloff and Jung & Naiv.

Our work was honored by the Art Directors Club Germany


Animation Studio: MOIN MOTION
Client: ZDF
Editorial Staff: Bernd Benthin
Creative Direction: Caspar Domizlaff, Axel Rudolph, Julian Soost
Design & Animation: Axel Rudolph, Julian Soost, Philipp Oertel
Music: Carlo Kretschmar & Florian Tessloff