Virtual testimonials for real teamwork

How do you make a software brand that helps teams get organized more personal? Certainly not with posed office photos or stock footage. The solution: Lisa, Carla, Philip and Daniel, our fictional creative team of detailed 3D characters.

Each testimonial represents an awork-typical user, such as “The Founder” or “The Creative”. To define the characters’ appearance, clothing style, accessories, colors and materials, we first worked with sketches before transferring them to 3D.

If characters are to be placed on a website, you have to consider the proportions. Long limbs may take up too much space in the design. We opted for a natural physique, which makes the computer-generated figures look more real.

Highlight are the ultra-realistic textiles, which the figures wear. Each garment was carefully created using a special software. Like a tailor, 2D fabric pieces are “sewn” together in a 3D space and draped onto the models. This creates wrinkles that give Lisa, Philip and the others more authenticity.

The icing on the cake are the details – buttons, seams, zippers, earrings, smartwatch, headphones and even grayish cotton stockings. Adorable!

For the re-design of the brand, we not only contributed 3D characters, but also developed a dynamic broadcast design for awork. For constant branding, we adapted the new look for moving image requirements and defined how the individual design elements behave when animated. Of course, this works in all common formats.

Of course we didn’t miss the chance to animate the revised logo of awork. The final logo animation underlines so nicely the charming “joy of work” spirit of awork. Following the motto: We all have to work, so we might as well have some fun while doing it. High five!

Client: HQLabs GmbH