Die Techniker

A new, uniform appearance for animations and explanatory videos for Germany’s largest health insurance company.

Together with TK, we completely revamped the look and feel of animated videos based on the brand’s corporate design.

We checked, revised and harmonized all the building blocks of the films, such as colors, fonts, infographics, illustrations, animations and tonality. The effect: now everything fits perfectly into TK’s overall communicative presence.

At TK, everything revolves around people. Appropriate character design therefore plays a key role in the videos. The right level of detail is important. Otherwise, lightness and emotion are quickly lost. With the re-design, this can no longer happen to our protagonists.

We have built up a large contingent of different illustrations. In addition to the characters, this includes many other elements of everyday life. Everything you need to tell a good story.

Skillful animations also enhance any user interface. A great example is the TK nursing app. To make sure the animations always run optimally everywhere, we exported them as web code, which is then rendered in real time by the app or browser.

The look and feel of TK’s animated videos is now firmly established. Even without a logo in sight, the brand is clearly recognizable as the sender.

Producer: TVN Corporate Media
Illustration: MOIN MOTION
Animation: MOIN MOTION