Laser at your service

Normally, FOBA produces high-precision industrial lasers for engraving and marking. To make the operation of its products even easier, FOBA has now developed a web-based user interface: FOBA Go.

Our video explains exactly how this works. Or rather: our virtual testimonial. This is the first time that one of our characters has addressed the viewers directly and explained the product. We’re delighted that he gets everything across very clearly and distinctly, but also in a very natural way. A real natural in front of the camera.

In contrast to the illustrated character, we have implemented the products in photorealistic 3D. An exciting mix that shows them off to their best advantage.

Another innovation from FOBA: Titus. We have put the smallest and lightest marking head in the world in the limelight with a product film.

FOBA’s precision also characterizes the film. The product staging in photo-realistic 3D, plus lettering in short, concise sentences. Everything said.

By the way, we also developed the logo for the FOBA Titus.

Client: ALLTEC GmbH
Animation: MOIN MOTION