Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

Recruiting video for a course of study that hardly anyone knows about: process engineering

There are plenty of exciting courses at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. Process engineering is one of them. But hardly anyone knows that. And even fewer know what process engineering actually is.

Our 120-second spot solves this muddled situation. With surprising images and some humor, it explains to the young target group what lies behind this supposedly dry engineering science. Lots of fun. Lots of possibilities. And even more future. Just what students want.

To introduce young people to this course of study at HAW, we used fresh, modern 3D animations. And for once we followed a very old advertising rule: Sex sells.

Client: Hamburg Univerity of Applied Sciences
Animation Studio: MOIN MOTION
Storyboard: Caspar Domizlaff
Art Direction: Axel Rudolph, Oleg Fatkullin, Philipp Oertel
Illustration: Philipp Oertel
Motion Design: Axel Rudolph, Oleg Fatkullin, Philipp Oertel, Tandis Shoushtary
3D Animation: Oleg Fatkullin, Axel Rudolph
Sound Design: Moritz P.G. Katz
Voice Over: Mirko Thiele