Clear and understandable instead of German banking gibberish

In collaboration with the lead agency Jung von Matt/Neckar, we designed and implemented a series of animations for L-Bank, the state bank for Baden-Württemberg, and the state of Baden-Württemberg. For example, on the topic of MikroCrowd financing.

L-Bank’s MikroCrowd is a funding program specifically for founders of small start-ups in Baden-Württemberg. It is a combination of microloan and the classic crowdfunding principle.

The special thing here is: The loan is linked to the achievement of the crowdfunding goal. So first and foremost, you have to convince the market with your idea and find private supporters. Anyone who succeeds in doing so will receive a loan from L-Bank.

Animation Studio: MOIN MOTION
Agency: Jung von Matt/Neckar
Copywriter: Caspar Domizlaff
Art Direction: Axel Rudolph, Julian Soost
Motion Design & Animation: Axel Rudolph, Julian Soost, Philipp Oertel
Recording & Sound Design: The Shack