The PONS vocabulary trainer app explained from A to Z

Germany’s most trusted dictionary for foreign languages has a new app – the PONS Vocabulary Trainer. It helps you learn vocabulary in a scientifically sound way. So that they really stay in your memory. We explain how the training works and what else the app can do from A to Z with an animated film.

The app is designed according to a new 7-step model. This means that intelligently controlled repetitions make it easier and better to remember vocabulary. And anchors them step by step in the long-term memory. That motivates!

With the app, you train in smaller learning packages. And spread over a longer period of time. It automatically reminds you when vocabulary should be repeated. The intervals become longer and longer so that the vocabulary sticks in the long-term memory.

Client: PONS Langenscheidt GmbH
Concept, Design & Animation: MOIN MOTION