Questions about the leading B2B plattform? Our videos provide answers.

We have developed several explanatory films for wlw. To improve the user experience, we take a very didactic approach. We show how the platform works, how to optimize your own search and what makes wlw the leading B2B plattform.

Like an animated user manual: We demonstrate the interface, the various filters and search options on wlw.de

Animations and real images are mixed in the film. This makes it authentic and comprehensible.

A new film for a completely new service: wlw Connect. This time deliberately with lettering instead of a speaker. The spot is mainly used on target group-relevant business platforms such as LinkedIn and XING. And there, the sound is usually muted.

By the way: At wlw.de you can also find the provider who conceived, designed and animated the films for them. But contacting them is even easier. See below.

Client: Visable GmbH
Animation: MOIN MOTION