World Surf League

A wave of animated 30-second videos for the global campaign #StopTrashingWaves

#StopTrashingWaves is more than a hashtag. It is a movement for the fight against climate change and ocean pollution. We had the great honor to support this global campaign of the World Surf League with several animations.

The films are intended to raise awareness of environmental problems and motivate people to fight the climate crisis. In doing so, WSL is leading by example. The measures: reduce their own carbon footprint, eliminate single-use plastics at all surf events, and leave each coast better than you found it.

The storyboards for the series were created in close collaboration with the team from WSL PURE in Los Angeles. This is the philanthropic arm of the World Surf League and stands for Protecting, Understanding, and Respecting the Environment.

For the design, we opted for an illustrative 2D style. And because we love colorful worlds, waves can be purple, beaches pink and clouds pink. Why not?

Client: World Surf League
Animation: MOIN MOTION