Election programs as animated videos. Innovative storytelling and sophisticated design.

Party programs are extremely important in election campaigns. Without a program there is no substance, without substance there is no distinctiveness, and without distinctiveness there is no real election.

The problem is that although all the parties produce lavish election programs on paper, no one reads them. And that’s why they don’t know them. We wanted to change that in the 2017 federal election.

Our goal: to bring the respective party programs closer to the people. And to do so in such a way that young voters also look and listen.

Together with ZDF, we came up with the idea of really listening in on the election campaign. To do this, we summarized the most important statements from the respective party programs with original sound bites and illustrated them with the help of animations.

This work received an award from the renowned ADC! Special thanks to ZDF, Bernd Benthin, Carlo Kretschmar, Florian Tessloff and Jung & Naiv.

Client: ZDF
Editorial work: Bernd Benthin
Creative Direction: Caspar Domizlaff, Axel Rudolph & Julian Soost
Design & Animation: Axel Rudolph, Julian Soost & Philipp Oertel
Music: Carlo Kretschmar & Floran Tessloff